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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Young Democrats of Atlanta do Crossover Day
The Gold Dome wasn't as crowded for Crossover Day as one might expect, but the Young Democrats of Atlanta came ready to fight - more than can be said for certain legislators, but I'll leave the naming of names to Emily. We had a great turnout and we had fun baking cookies for the Good Democrats...

...and distributing them to hungry and tired legislators...

...which is not to say that everyone who needed to get the cookies got them, but I do know at least one state representative who assuredly did NOT get cookies.

We did call out several friends of ours on a variety of issues, including our good friend Curt Thompson from Gwinnett (who gave some Sith lobbyists a literal run for their money at one point today!) and Robert Brown...

...as well as some less friendly folks (Judy Manning is DEFINITELY not the first person I wanted to talk to, but Atlanta Young Democrats are troopers, we even called out Harry Geisinger a couple of times!)...

OK, OK, just kidding, we didn't actually call out Nancy Schaefer, thank God! (No, really, it wasn't just the camera, her eyes REALLY WERE glowing red...) But you get the point, and so do the other groups fighting the good fight in Georgia - we're all business at the Capitol, and we definitely put "Stop the Madness" on OUR Sonny Do list. Thanks to everyone who came out!


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posted by Ataru Atlanta at 3/27/2007 11:16:00 PM


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