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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Thinking Left about the DPG candidate forum
Today's bloggerAfter more than a century of the governor running the Georgia Democratic Party, history was made today - real candidates sat down in front of an audience of rank-and-file Democrats in Atlanta, in a smoke-free room, and faced the issues confronting the party in Georgia.

  • Any candidate who didn't come and wasn't in the hospital (Miss Angela Moore, I'm talking about you), don't bother showing up next Saturday either.

  • James Quarterman seems not to have gotten the "big tent" memo. I hope his "one message one agenda" plan leaves room for those pesky little aberrations known as "differences of opinion" in our party of Stepford clones.

  • Irony mavens were treated to the sight of a lot of white people trying to talk about how allegedly diverse this party is.

  • Twilight Zone Benson, playing the "grassroots" drinking game, passed out cold long before we even got to the chair races. Come on people - saying "grassroots" five times in three minutes is a crappy substitute for telling us how you're actually going to DO it.

  • Sorry, Jane Kidd - I'm trying to focus on those things that work right, like you said, and I'm not coming up with much. Mike Berlon said there were all kinds of problems with the Georgia Democratic Party - what was he talking about?

  • In a rare break with the hallowed tradition by which everyone at these things asks stupid questions, we actually got a few zingers. The question on whether or not the chair candidates would tell the "wrong" candidate in a two-person primary to drop out was great.

  • Winfred Dukes is all about using cash for candidate recruitment. That worked so well last year, huh? And we have less money this year - what's going to happen now, I wonder?

  • It was nice to see that everyone generally brought their games to a higher level for this event - much more of substance was said than was on display even last Saturday at the Cobb County breakfast.

  • "For those candidates in rural Georgia, do you expect any problems running the party from outside metro Atlanta?" Jim Nelson: "No." 'Nuff said.
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posted by Ataru Atlanta at 1/20/2007 09:10:00 PM


Anonymous vote4missangela said...

Vote, uh dah! Vote, uh dah! Vote, uh dah! Vote, uh dah!

1/21/2007 07:01:00 PM  

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