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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ring ring! It's Sonny PerDidn't!
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Thursday's Political Insider reported that Sonny Perdue has crafted his very own campaign ringtone. Apparently Uncle Sonny has decided to accentuate his lousy record with outright annoying the living heck out of his potential voters.

"Sonny did!", the ringtone proclaims. Yes, he's done a "heckuva job" for Georgia, dazzling us with his Michael Brown-esque fumbling and his own unique brand of fashion statements ("I'm an idiot!"). He's turned the Gold Dome into another episode of the Keystone Kops, frantically dashing here and there trying vainly to convince Georgia that really, truly, he does care about the HOPE scholarship, even though Smiling Sonny voted against the program in 1993 and was the architect of numerous cuts and attempted cuts to the program as governor. Sonny did, all right.

We all know about another thing Sonny did - he said no to the PeachCare our children deserve, and he said no to the health care the rest of us deserve. Georgia's health care system cries out for firm, compassionate action, but Sonny was too busy protecting HMO's from lawsuits and disenfranchising our elderly voters to notice.

Remember what happened to the last guy who did a "heckuva job"? He was unceremoniously whacked. Let's whack Sonny and elect a governor who will do things we can be proud of.
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posted by Ataru Atlanta at 5/06/2006 11:01:00 AM


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