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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Meeting After the Meeting
I know that today is not my day to blog, but I got together last night after Happy Hour with a few friends and we began talking about we are doing as Democrats to turn our Party and Country around. To me it was interesting enough and important enough for me to cut into someone's else day to blog about it. We talked mainly about our goals about we are trying to achieve through our political activism. What is that end game that drives us and movitates us each and every single that we get up and do it all over again. We had 12 very different people sitting at the table last night, but they all had something to say. All of our goals seem to be different,but the same ultimately. First I really would like to thank them for their imput and for putting up with my questions and concerns about where we are headed as a Party. It helps knowing that I'm not alone with my worries, fears, doubts about if we are doing enough to help Take Back what is rightfuly ours. It also helps knowing we have awesome people getting it done simply because they care enough to do it. Here is what everyone had to say from our discussion last night and if I miss quote you I'm very sorry and please post the correct goal.

Kevin: Make the everyday average person responsible for their actions across the board.

Benson: To smash the crazy Republicans

Will: Hammer the Revolution home and to bring the meek out so they are not afraid to speak out and join us in our fight.

Page: To reform the Democratic Party from within.

Big Sexy: Full equality for the LBGT

Jason: Want to be the infection for moderate Republicans to vote Democratic or to be the cure.

Aaron and I as it turns out have the same goal: We both want to reclaim our Democratic values and ideas back from theose Republican thieves.

Daniel: To empower, to engage, to educate young people to show them that they do make a difference in the political process and its up to all of us to care enough to keep united in the good fight.

Emily: Knowing that everyday is working toward that Take Back The State with District 48.

Tim: He wants to be the Devolution of the Democratic Party that was started in 1968 and install populism as the major driving component of the Democratic Party.

Betsy: She actually conferenced called in because she had to save the environment at Sweet Water 420 Fest and couldn't actually join us. She wants clean water and air for everyone.

We talked a lot last night about a lot things, but the quote of the night belongs to Emily when we are talking about Religion in the Democratic Party and to me she hit the nail on the head. Emily I hope I do not miss quote to badly here, " Some of us would say more if we weren't such good Chirstians". My charge to all of you out there reading this blog is this what is your goal in your political activism? What is it that you hope to achieve? How are you going to help get us to where you want us to be? Write them down and own them. You could post them here for all of us to see that mean you might actually have to do something about it if you make it public knowledge?

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posted by Melissa at 4/21/2006 09:14:00 AM


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