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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hall of shame
Today's bloggerI'm Kate Sandhaus, Campaigns Chair and Thursday Girl for this blog. I'm supposed to pick a blogging niche, but I'm thinking about breaking the rules and going nicheless. The thing is, I don't really have a pet topic aside from American Idol. (My top three picks: Paris Bennett, Katharine McPhee, and Chris Daughtry. Are you with me?) But Idol probably won't cut it as a Young Dems blog topic.

So instead, let's talk about some of those fabulous bills (please note sarcasm) in Georgia's Legislative Session. It's hard to know where to start, so I've picked a few favorites.

Separation of Church and...oh, who are we kidding.
House Bill 941: Authorizes local governments to display the Ten Commandments. What is so confusing about the establishment clause of the Constitution? It seems pretty straight-forward: "no law respecting an establishment of religion." Call me crazy, but isn't that at odds with a law about putting the Ten Commandments in local government buildings?

Better think twice about joining that gay and lesbian support group at school.
House Bill 661: Requires public schools to inform parents about student clubs and give them an "opportunity" to "withhold permission" for their children to participate. Nice.

Look threatening, get shot.
Senate Bill 396: Would make it legal for a gun owner to shoot and kill another person if they feel threatened, even in a public place. The bill eliminates a citizen's duty to avoid the threat, by walking away or seeking refuge in a safe place and, instead, allows the gun user to "shoot first" to eliminate the threat. Because you can never have enough gun violence.

It's just so much fun to punish a poor day laborer for sending a few dollars to his family!
House Bill 1238: Would add a 5 percent fee onto wire transfers from Georgia to another country if the sender cannot prove legal residency.

Got a major medical decision to make? Let's add some duress to the equation.
Senate Bill 429: Requires abortion providers in Georgia to have an ultrasound or sonogram done on a woman seeking the procedure, and to "offer her an opportunity" to view the image.

There are lots of other unsavory bills, so chime in with your favorites!
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posted by Kate at 3/02/2006 11:44:00 AM


Blogger Shelby said...

HOT damn. Keep me posted on SB396; I had a really good time at D'jango for Fat Tuesday, and I'm sure I'll have a better time if I'm free to open fire on people who accost us in the parking lot!

Of course, once the first person produces a pistol, it's all downhill from there, and everyone can claim self defense, and no one is held accountable, and it's guns guns guns baby...

Yeah. Not so much.

3/03/2006 05:54:00 PM  

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