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Monday, February 27, 2006

Andrew Young backs Wal-Mart, Georgia left clueless
What have you done with Ambassador Young, Lee Scott? I don't know if I'd believe the story if I hadn't heard it on NPR this morning as well. How could one of our own, a man with firm roots in the long struggle for civil rights, take the helm of a PR campaign engineered by a solidly Republican corporate juggernaut with an abysmal record of discrimination, disempowerment, dastardly deeds, and outright lying? Andrew Young's great accomplishments can never be undone, but I can't help but feel trying to harness the power of the dark side for good is a fool's game, one that Darth Zell played only too well.
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posted by Ataru Atlanta at 2/27/2006 04:49:00 PM


Blogger Emily said...

Am I dreaming this or did he also go to a W fundraiser or something last year? I do think we've lost Mr. Young to the dark side. Unbelievable. I wonder if he has gambling debt to pay down.....

2/27/2006 10:57:00 PM  

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