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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What a shock: Matt Drudge plays fast and loose with the truth
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Most of you are probably familiar with Matt Drudge and his bullshit right-wing spin. Most of you probably don’t read him, either, which is why I want to provide this latest “Drudge Retort”.

Recently (yesterday!), Matt Drudge dredged up some links so he could plaster a headline about how NOAA “blew it” on their 2006 hurricane predictions. At no time does Mr. Disingenouous even so much as allude to the reasons cited in his main article for the calm Atlantic season – namely, that Saharan dust off of Africa was greater than usual, and also that El Nino created vertical wind shear that helped keep Atlantic storms weak this year.

What Mr. Matt “Sensationalist Paparazzo Assclown” completely and predictably failed to mention is that the east Pacific forecast was also wrong – on the low side. Less than 12-16 named storms were predicted; there were 18. Less than 6-8 were forecast to become hurricanes; 11 did. El Nino changed some things, but it didn’t change the water temperatures. The last hurricane, Sergio, was the strongest hurricane on record for so late in the season – November 15th, mind you.

Oh, and let’s not forget the western Pacific. The western Pacific typhoon season claimed the lives of thousands of people in China and the Philippines. Ironically, Drudge flunkie Breitbart carried a story blaming global warming on an unusually active and destructive typhoon season. The Atlantic has been quiet for weeks now, but today, right now, a typhoon in the northwestern Pacific Ocean is bearing down on the Philippines, forecast to attain winds of 125 knots before landfall, the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane. In case you forgot, this is NOVEMBER. The hurricane season ends THURSDAY.

The bottom line is that, as much as Drudge and his sleazy sources want to believe, the slow Atlantic hurricane season was NOT, in ANY WAY WHATOSOEVER, a repudiation of the idea that global warming is destroying our world. Just look at the latest NOAA sea surface temperature anomaly data:

See that? The water around Greenland, the cold water that’s supposed to be sinking to drive the Gulf Stream, is substantially warmer than usual. It’s been like that for months now. Fortunately the Gulf Stream doesn’t matter as much to us as it does to those Brits across the pond, who are living in a horribly freezing miserable climate except for the warmth provided by the Gulf Stream; don’t think, though, that the hyperbole of that movie The Day After Tomorrow is all BS, because it isn’t. The data tells the truth no matter what self-serving hypocrites like Drudge say otherwise. I hope Drudge lives on a coastal area so he’ll drown when the tides rise.
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posted by Ataru Atlanta at 11/29/2006 01:27:00 AM


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