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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day Video Update 3
Between the lunch and evening visibility shifts, another round of phone banking descended into fatigue-induced giddiness. Also news from the Blackberry that Republicans were inspired to tamper with the Dem voter hotline thanks to some right-wing assclown on AM radio.

Sorry I couldn't get this online before we left at 4:00, but the champagne toast and celebration footage will follow very soon before we head down to the Renaissance. Hopefully the hotel has a good high speed internet connection for us.

Today was phenomenal, people. We have gotten such good response, and at all of the precincts we covered, Geisinger's campaign machine was nowhere to be seen; perhaps he doesn't have any friends, and his record of poor service couldn't inspire enough campaign volunteers. YDAtl and Jan's other volunteers dominated District 48. Let's hope it pays off! Data will be coming within the hour, we hear.

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posted by Aerodad at 11/07/2006 07:54:00 PM


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