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Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Funnies
Happy Friday, boys and girls! Here are a couple of amusing tidbits from the World of Science to get you through your lunch break, or maybe those other few hours you waste at work counting the minutes till Happy Hour.

Welcoming Homer the tree-hugger:

Are we really gonna wreck the whole planet? 'Cause that's a big move. That's like something a crazy stripper would do.

I know, plenty of people aren't worried.

Technology will bail us out. Nothing a few pollution-eating nanobots can't fix.

And if the ecosystem does collapse, we can always load ourselves into enormous rockets, and make a fresh start on Jupiter.
If there's any reason for hope - and there isn't - it lies in man's occasional binges of co-operation.

The Show with Zefrank: (caution: use headphones at the office; visually work-safe)
The New York Times reports that NASA recently altered its mission statement to more closely align itself to President Bush's goals. The phrase "To understand and protect our home planet ..." was removed.

The fine print is changing!

If you're concerned about the sun's radiation and its effect on this planet, not that you should be but maybe you should be, here are some simple steps you can take: Put as much distance between yourself and the planet as possible.

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