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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"I Voted" vs "I'm a Georgia Voter"
So July 4th actually marked my 2 year anniversary as a resident of Atlanta. And while I’m not quite to the point where I start calling Georgia my home, I have definitely developed some real affection for my neighborhood, my city, and my state. However, I this stops at the “I’m a Georgia Voter” sticker. I am just not a fan.

For those of you who have never voted outside the state of Georgia, this is what a standard “I Voted” sticker looks like:

See how small it is, its sleek oval shape, its “matter-of-fact” phrasing that gets right to the point, its patriotic touches. It’s the perfect accessory. Find me one outfit it wouldn’t go with.

It’s something that says “Hey chump! Yeah you who hasn’t voted yet…See this? Yeah, that’s right. I’m an adult. I did my civic responsibility. I voted. Now I’m going to go to work with this on my blouse and people are going to see it and they are going to go “Hey – look at that fashionable, yet professional sticker on Nicolette’s blouse…what does it say? Oh yes, I forgot, today is an election day. I must remember to vote”. (really, that little sticker says all of that)

Now here is the Georgia “I’m a Georgia Voter” sticker

Yes, I will give you its cuteness, because, well, it is. And while not as patriotic as the previous sticker, it does invoke some sense of pride in the state of Georgia and that’s not a bad thing.

HOWEVER, with its large size and a drawing that borders on cartoonish, it also invokes the feeling of “Hey, I just got back from the dentist and I had a choice of the sugar-free candy or a sticker….I took the sticker”. That works when you’re 10 (or really, for me, until I got a real job). But I gotta say, its not doing it for me now.

I like being able to wear my “I Voted” sticker. When I put it on I get to feel proud, superior, and helpful, all that the same time (well, mostly superior). But when I wear my “I’m a Georgia Voter” sticker, I just feel like a little kid who just filled out my “Kids Vote” ballot at school right before lunch.

What do you guys think? Am I the only one out there who’s not a fan?
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posted by Nicolette at 7/19/2006 07:09:00 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No doubt, you are old school. I to can appreciate the "I Voted" sticker that symbolizes election day. However, a new sticker is not necessarily bad...just new.

What seems important is that anyone who shows up to the polls, actually gets a sticker (ANY STICKER) and then goes out in the world to show "I Voted". Make sure you not only wear it with pride but that you also verbalize it.

One of the greatest feelings in the world (in my opinion) is being a part of the democratic process.

7/19/2006 09:33:00 PM  
Blogger Lyman Hall said...

I like the Georgia voter sticker. When I early voted in 2004, a woman at the Board of Elections in Athens told me she is the one who drew the design. I thought it was cool that whoever makes the "sticker decision" turned to one of their own workers on the ground!

7/19/2006 10:16:00 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

I like the sticker for a couple of reasons. First, it's cute and Georgia specific. Second, it's big enough to notice, which the "I Voted" stickers really aren't. I had several people through the day on Tuesday comment, "Oh S*it, it's election day! I'll have to go vote before I go home."

7/20/2006 11:44:00 AM  

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