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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Political Poetry, Part I - Sonny Perdue
Sonny, Sonny, Sonny Perdue,
What'd Atlanta do to you?
We've been pickin' people up when they fall,
But you said a livin' wage wasn't for all
the folks in the state,
'specially not those immigrants you hate -
you 'n Chip Rodgers and the rest of your slate -
those folks buildin' your houses and washin' your plates
while you were frettin' about your tax rates.

Whatcha been standin' for, Sonny?
Ain't standin' for me if I ain't got the money
to buy your fundraisin' honey
and watch you grinnin' like it's funny.
You been standin' around, proppin' up walls
watchin' every tree that falls,
waitin' for Dubya t' call,
stealin' textbooks from the halls -
now that takes balls,
talkin' budget shortfalls
and takin' kids out of school
while you were burnin' that fuel
sellin' your politics -
that's some bag of tricks.

Yeah, you been standin' your ground
for the friends that you found -
Glen Richardson's hawks and hounds,
Chip Pearson makin' his own laws,
Sue Burmeister and her claws,
Bobby Franklin flappin' his jaws,
Matt Dollar and his frat-boy collar,
All your flag buddies and their holler,
Earl Ehrhart, makin' the rules
to stuff his own schools,
Rich Golick playin' us for fools.
Yeah, they're your pals around town -
It's time for y'all to sit down!
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posted by Ataru Atlanta at 3/16/2006 05:45:00 PM


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