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Friday, April 03, 2009

Live blog from the remainder of Sine Die
12:05 A.M. This legislative session, and maybe MARTA as you know it, is over.

Might wanna bring a Segway to your next Braves game. Oh well, guess it could have been worse.

11:58 P.M. House is reading the resolutions, it's all over on this side.

Jerry Keen has moved to adjourn Sine Die on this side... and I hear the Senate adjourning too.

11:52 P.M. King Glenn has put in a call to the Bat Phone, time's getting real tight. H.B. 169 is again not considered on the motion to suspend the one hour rule 55-107. Another motion to suspend the rule fails 67-97.

11:47 P.M. Motion to suspend the one hour rule in the House fails 87-82 - supposedly that was because the bill had not lain on the table for an hour. Rep. Morgan is moving to adopt the CCR to H.B. 251 again, and it is adopted 97-73. One hour rule is again not suspended, 76-90, to consider H.B. 169.

11:43 P.M. Senate rejects a bill whose number I can't remember, but some evil people cheered, while the environmental folks stood by.

11:37 P.M. Larry just told Tim that transportation is toast. He might not have been joking when he asked for a ride back to the Inman Park station...

11:32 P.M. Senate passes H.B. 2 38-16. More immigration enforcement, 'cuz that's what we need to focus on now.

11:23 P.M. House rejects Rep. Morgan's H.B. 251 77-78, but votes to reconsider 103-62. Word is "payback", not sure I'm at liberty to say for what though.

11:15 P.M. Bunch of boring House conference committee reports, one by Rep. Major Jerk of the 80th, who incidentally isn't that much taller than I am. My feet hurt. Here is our next Attorney General taking a break:

H.B. 189 passes 91-66, but is reconsidered 87-77. I don't know what this bill is but it seems controversial.

10:59 P.M. House rejects H.B. 169 55-110. No sub metering.

10:50 P.M. Word is that S.B. 164 (billboards) may come back and Tim's talking call-out strategy and counting votes.

10:45 P.M. Amazing, S.B. 67 (English only written drivers' examinations, among other things), fails 22-22. House just passed S.B. 56. 107-60.

10:26 P.M. House votes 136-30 to take S.B. 56 off the table. Don't we already have laws that keep you from stocking up on Sudafed?

10:21 P.M. S.B. 82 finally passes 141-20. Some education stuff is coming up in the House soon, we hear, but we're not being called on to act yet.

10:17 P.M. The Senate votes down Adelman's amendment to S.B. 200 22-33. Senate adopts the House substitute 33-22. Rep. Golick seems to be speaking in favor of S.B. 82.

10:07 P.M. The Senate debate on S.B. 200 is continuing and is not proceeding quietly.

9:57 P.M. Page and Tasso are chillin'. The YD's are scattered. I'm bored. Rep. Smyre isn't.

9:53 P.M. The Senate (in the form of Sen. Thompson) has been discussing something that sounds suspiciously like the DOT revamp.

9:44 P.M. The Big Show and Rep. Alan Powell are passing the time while the House continues droning on about metal recycling.

9:26 P.M. The House is debating S.B. 82. Hopefully someone will be able to explain to me why something trying to cut down on copper theft by imposing some regulations on metal recyclers is generating so much controversy. Leslie Small says the purpose of the bill is to make the night longer. Guess they'd rather chit chat about metal recycling rather than talk about MARTA.

9:22 P.M. Sen. Orrock is taking questions from Sen. Thompson on the conference committee report on H.B. 481, which would provide part-time unemployment benefits. Speaker (sic) Richardson is up to his usual silliness.

9:14 P.M. S.B. 86 passes the House, 104-67.

9:07 P.M. There is some action going on now, yes. Debate on S.B. 86, which requires proof of citizenship before you even register to vote (as though the voter ID law wasn't strict enough), is ongoing. Rep. Pedro Marin (Gwinnett) is in the well and a good number of the YD contingent have headed to the gallery.

8:50 P.M. Check the array of Young Dems ready to spring into action when (not if) the Republicans try something sleazy:

And in what HAS to be the moment of the day, an intrepid soul (pictured) managed to capture Sharon Teague's latest unbelievable DFI transgression.

This blogger's opinions regarding Rep. Teague are once again vindicated.

8:34 P.M. Dinner's over, and the crew is getting ready for the last shift. Larry Pellegrini is always a good guy to talk to...

Tim's been on top of the game for the whole day. Brad says he thinks there's something voucher-y going on, but when isn't there with these bozos in charge?

8:10 P.M. More or less just got here. I hear that many YD's have taken a semi-permanent break at the Irish pub near the Capitol (because the service sucks, not because anyone's giving up or anything). When Tasso (and Lauren Benedict)...

...and Calvin Smyre...

...have time to kick back to this degree, you know it's going slow. They're back to voting on some stuff now, but I see Ben Myers and Nikema Williams still sitting here near me, so nothing too important seems to be imminent. Reading Young Democrats of Georgia guru Tim Cairl's running commentary (interrupted by some Guinness, as I mentioned), seems that some of our stuff is still in play.

I figure it's probably not a good sign when random old guys high-five while waiting at the rope for their legislative victims.
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