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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Help the Young Dems get to their National Convention, and Win a Trip for Yourself!

The Young Democrats of America biennial National Convention is taking place July 19-21 in Dallas. In order for a young democrat to go to Dallas, he or she faces the following costs:

Convention Registration = $60
Hotel Room (4 nights, 4 people to a room) = $155
Travel Cost (airline, bus, or car) = $100 - $300
Spending Money for Dallas = $200 ($50/day)

The grand total is $515-$715. For some of our members, this cost is doable with some savings. However, for a vast majority of our members, the costs are prohibitive, meaning that some of our best young talent simply cannot afford to go.

To help with these costs, the Young Democrats of Georgia announce their Prize Drawing Fundraising Program.

Staring today, YDG is selling $10 prize drawing tickets. The ticket sales will go through Saturday, June 30th. Ticket purchasers will have a chance to win one of two domestic travel vouchers that YDG is giving away. We will be drawing the tickets during a party at Manuel’s Tavern in Atlanta, July 13th.

Physical tickets will be sold throughout the state by YDG members. We have also set-it-up so that people can purchase tickets online (check out http://www.georgiayds.org/ !)

With the funds raised during the Prize Drawing Fundraiser, YDG will be able to pay for the registration fees as well as the hotel costs for its entire 37 member delegation!

Will you help the members of YDAtl get to their national convention? Purchase your prize drawing tickets today!

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Are you a YDG member who is interested in going to the YDA National Convention? Even if you are just “thinking about it”, let Nicolette Allen, our VP of Finance know right away! She can get you set-up to sell prize drawing tickets!

We are requiring everyone who plans on attending the YDA National convention to sell at least 30 prize drawing tickets between now and June 30th. Its important that you let us know ASAP so that you can have enough time to meet your ticket sales quotas!

Please contact Nicolette at any time by email (vp_finance@georgiayds.org) or by phone (404-538-7262) and she will be happy to set you up!
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posted by Nicolette at 6/06/2007 08:30:00 PM


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