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Friday, October 27, 2006

Sonny did II: Coffin cover slams on Hapeville Ford plant
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Benson's editorial note: Mature content (translation: Benson is pissed); parental discretion advised. Oh, and Peach Pundit, why don't you link to this, you cowards?

DIED: Hapeville Ford plant, aged 59 years, after lengthy illness. Mourners are encouraged to make donations to the Mark Taylor campaign in lieu of sending flowers. Governor Sonny Perdue charged with negligent homicide in death.

Let's get this clear: Georgia lost the Hapeville plant for a lot of reasons. Ford has lots of problems, some of them self-made and some of them caused by health care costs that no one in power has the balls to deal with. Americans just don't take pride in American jobs and American industrial might like they used to, and yes, that land the plant is on is going to look mighty tasty to Atlantic station wannabes. But not least of the reasons 2000 union jobs evaporated today is the fact that Sonny Perdue was busy fucking his mistress Kia and plying her with extravagant tax breaks while leaving the Ford plant bound, gagged, and dying on the street.

I find it truly sickening to recall all the times Special Sonny has played the patriotism trump card – from crying for Georgians killed in Iraq to make up for President Shrub's inadequate endowment (we'll be seeing Laura Bush in Levitra ads any day now) and to keep the oil pumping through the black decayed mass of cancerous flesh that presumably used to be Dick Cheney's heart, to all the pompous bloviating we've gotten over illegal immigration in Georgia. Beneath that smarmy veneer of unctuous pseudo-patriotism, Sonny Perdue is a quisling colluding with foreign firms robbing America of union jobs. The man wouldn't know a real job if it bit his plump ass – I sure wish I could get paid for making ridiculous bullshit statements at news conferences and making every day Halloween by dressing in absurdly tasteless and downright wacky outfits on a regular basis. Sonny Perdue is just another odious sycophantic wart on the shriveled toad that is the Republican party – he loves money and power, and could give a flying fuck about America or American values or the people who live here. If Sonny Perdue loves America, I love Rick Santorum.

If you don't believe that the Kia plant was the result of political fornication between Sonny Perdue and some sleazy Korean businessmen who make chinsy cars and ship the profits to Asia, consider these moronic Sonny quotations:

Governor Sonny Perdue said, “Today's ceremony marks the beginning of a long-term partnership between Kia Motors and the state of Georgia. We are looking forward to many years of cooperation as Kia's new plant in West Point creates thousands of jobs and sets the standard for the automotive industry.”

Um, didn't we already HAVE a long-term partnership with FORD, an AMERICAN COMPANY that ALREADY SUSTAINED thousands of Georgia jobs? And it's just a coincidence that your Republican pond scum henchmen cash in while metro Atlanta gets another cheery stomach punch from its governor? YAY we're going to have ANOTHER urban bling-o-plex where a scion of American industry once stood!!!

”Thousands of additional jobs will be created by small businesses and service sector companies that will either start up or expand because of the increased economic activity in the Troup County area.”, [Perdue said].

Fabulous, I'm so glad that your pals in Troup County are going to be raking in the dough while the members of UAW Local 882 look for jobs. What are you doing for them, you pandering son of a bitch?

Oh, and here's the best one:

“Georgia has a strong presence in the automotive industry and has long delivered the right resources and talent to help companies thrive,” said Governor Sonny Perdue.

Spare us, you lying porcine oaf. If you had given Ford half the gourmet fuck you gave to Kia, we might still have them around. Don't you dare claim to deliver “the right resources” after standing nonchalantly by like the priest and the Levite who left the traveler for dead. I've got a Sonny-Do for you: Go to hell, assclown.
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posted by Ataru Atlanta at 10/27/2006 10:28:00 PM


Blogger Emily said...

Oh, Lord. I love Benson's posts. My impression was more that laziness is the big problem - Sonny's laziness. I'll pull out some old notes, but I thought Sonny was hanging out on the porch or something when Kia called HIM. There is no "working hard" to provide resources or woo companies - foregin or otherwise - to Georgia. He's the beneficiary of some excellent timing and a sophisticated right-wing spin aparatus that helps him make a stroke of luck look like effort and competence. Which it isn't.

10/29/2006 08:26:00 AM  
Blogger GiG said...

Well said, I agree with everything in your post. This is downright sickening.

10/29/2006 12:56:00 PM  

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