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Friday, October 13, 2006

Grading the candidates' materials, part II: Web sites, the Dishonor Roll
Today's bloggerYou knew this was coming, and it won't disappoint! Yeah, I could probably come up with something useful to say about Mark Taylor's website or whatever, but it's a lot more fun to start with the Hall of Republican Web Site Shame, which I admittedly found just by clicking through the links from the candidate qualifying info page on the Secretary of State's web site until my eyes bled – I mean, it's like shooting fish in a barrel with these clowns...

  • Harry Geisinger (House 48) – Look: F, Content: F-. Hey look everyone! Looks like Harry just realized that his site has been touting the fact that he's been endorsed by State Representative (so 2004!) Tom Price for the last 21 months! OMG, is there an election coming up? Is there a Democrat running against me?? Is it that Jan Hackney woman again??? Oh, no! Better get my website in shape quick:

    If only all Republicans could be this incompetent!

  • Tom Elliott (House 80) – Look: D+, Content: C-. The first strike against this pathetic campaign web site is the grandiose flash animation that confronts Joe Voter on entry. Hey Tom, this ain't the governor's race – Sonny Perdue's got that covered. Check your ego at the door – ding! Thank you! Once the user gets past Tom's self-aggrandizement, they are smitten by ugly plain text – some of it in Courier, for crying out loud – plus the usual Republican BS spin on Mike Jacobs' great record as a state rep.

  • Ron Forster (House 3) – Look: F, Content: C-. You know the web site is BAD when the easiest navigation on the site is provided by a frame at the bottom seductively inviting constituents to explore exciting topics of interest to the district like “FREE BUSINESS CARDS IN 5 MINUTES” and to “Order Now!” I mean, really, your mom could open up a GeoSuck account and use their site building tools for five minutes and come up with a site that wasn't as horrifically ugly as Ron's. Heck, a blank white page saying “I'm a clueless moron and I don't know how to hire someone to build this site for me, please come back later” would be less annoying. I love how the first link on the FYI page is “Happy Valentine's - Where did it come from?”, which I'm quite sure is another pressing issue in Georgia's third house district. I weep that such people walk under the Gold Dome...

  • Judy Manning (House 32) - Look: F, Content: C. One word for this Cobb County mess: YEESH! Whatever this solstudio company is that created this disaster, not only do they support Republicans, their web site design strategy makes Bush's Iraq strategy look like genius by comparison. Judy's content isn't so bad, but I had to dock her a letter grade because her “Supporters” link takes you to a 404 page, which is entirely appropriate because I have no idea why anyone supports this woman. Oh, and let's not forget to mention that the web site she provided when she qualified was to her real estate business. Way to go!!

  • Steve “Thunder” Tumlin (House 38) – Look: F, Content: F. I'm actually growing rather weary of pointing out how bad these sites look, but it's worth noting that Steve clearly cares a LOT about his district since he hasn't bothered to update his web site since 2004. Then again, I think we owe him a debt of gratitude, since the #1 “Upcoming Event” is to vote for Steve on November 2nd - I could get behind that!

  • Don Parsons (House 42) – Look: F, Content: F-----. We'll have to end here (in Cobb County – good God what is with these people?), because there's just no topping this. Representative Parsons, who listed his occupation as “Businessman/Telecommunications” on his qualifying form, apparently can't be bothered to actually create a web site to tell all those Republican Mickey Mouse bedtime stories that masquerade as their policy positions to his constituents, deprived once again of the opportunity to choose someone besides the charming and intelligent Mr. Parsons. Applause!
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posted by Ataru Atlanta at 10/13/2006 11:46:00 PM


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