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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Bill on the Hill
In honor of our first lobby day under the gold dome, I figured I would treat you to a Seuss-inspired meditation on the joys of lobbying...

One bill,
two bill,
bad bill,
good bill.

People vote for the bill -
on a hill in the city, they will!

Will the people kill the bill on the hill?
Or will they dote when they vote their fill?

How will the people vote on the hill?
The people on the hill serve us, the public, still -
They note what they hear, with a cheer or a sneer -
They hear and they note, before they vote,
What the public says, however remote!

You can call them on the phone -
You can call them from home or from your ring-tone phone -
You can grumble and groan about the bill on the hill -
Only a goat would vote for that swill of a bill!
Just be humble, don't mumble - it's part of the drill,
But they'll listen, the people who vote, they will!

Boy or girl, give it a whirl -
You can write them a letter!
If you're a go-getter, you can do even better -
you can go go to the dome, unless you're a gnome,
and call the people, big or small, short or tall -
They'll come to the hall!
You can grill them on the bill on the hill
If you're on the ball!

So give it a try -
Start the Lobby Hobby - don't be shy!
Bobby and Robby and Sue,
Mildred and Maggie and Lou!
Don't be blue because of Sonny Perdue -
there's still a lot to do!
Don't let them vote for the bill on the hill without you!
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posted by Ataru Atlanta at 2/19/2008 10:32:00 PM


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