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Thursday, December 08, 2005

YDAtl Podcast #3: House Dems Innovation Agenda
Okay kids, so I'm totally cheating this time and unabashedly stealing a podcast from the House Democrats. Unfortunately, I am an IDIOT and accidentally deleted the address we heard from Allison Wall of Georgia Watch. I was just so frazzled between the Al Franken gig (heard on this show) and getting to the YDA National Meeting (from whence we hear from YDA's Communications Director tonight) that I just screwed up.

Instead, you get to hear what I think is a relevant and important address Nancy Pelosi gave at the National Press Club on November 15th about the Innovation Agenda. It's appropriate inasmuch as one aspect of the plan is the expansion of broadband to universal access in the US in 5 years (and you're probably getting this show over broadband). Renewable and alternative energy sources are also discussed. It's an ambitious plan, but it's so nice to talk about our affirmative plans instead of just griping about the loons in charge right now.

Right-click download here (8.8MB / 18:58)
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