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Monday, September 19, 2005

News bits
The Commission on Federal Election Reform has released its report including a number of recommendations to improve and normalize the election process, and lucky us, Georgia got a shout out (holla!):
Georgia, for example, introduced a new law in July 2005 that requires all voters to show a government-issued phot ID at the polls. Although there are 159 counties, only 56 locations in the entire state issue such IDs, and citizens must either pay a fee for the ID or declare indigence.

[Emphasis mine]

The Commission goes on to recommend that "IDs should be easily available and issued free of charge." Hooray enfranchisement! However, they do give a serious nod to the national REAL ID as a model, which some in our party find very disturbing, comrade.

And speaking of police state, how's your posse comitatus? (Holla!) For those of you that weren't too busy being creeped out by W's reference to Katrina "[sweeping] the land clean" like the biblical flood purging the world of vermin, you might have gotten goosebumps about the new emphasis on military deployment in our society (which is necessary because, as all good Republicans will mindlessly parrot, federal government should not be expected to do anything and must be eliminated). So, rather than think about keeping our National Guard troops here to Guard our Nation (instead of watch an Iraqi civil war emerge), Sen. John Warner (R-VA, Armed Services Committee) wants to take a fresh look at the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 to see if it's still useful.

You know, it's funny how eager rightwingnuts are to scream "slippery slope" about any restriction on our right to bear assault weapons, but they're totally on solid ground when it comes to peeling away any other civil liberties. Maybe if we didn't let the state creep toward absolute power in bits and pieces like this, we wouldn't need such a liberal interpretation of the 2nd Amendment to ensure a heavily armed citizenry in order to confront a tyrranical government. Hmmmm.
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posted by Aerodad at 9/19/2005 09:12:00 AM


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