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Monday, August 22, 2005

Working on the Sabbath for You
Greetings Young Dems,

Just wanted to keep you posted on what your officers have been up to in the aftermath of our successful fundraiser/membership drive. For those of you that didn't make the last meeting, the short story is that we netted close to $1800 in ticket sales and donations, and we have a brand spanking new bank account to put it in (one that brings more financial convenience to the organization). So what are we going to do with it?

Well that's what your diligent Executive Board spent this Sunday figuring out. Sure, you've heard us talk about "Take back the State with 48," voter education and registration drives, literature drops and canvassing, etc. But what exactly does it all mean? What can you, a member, DO?

I can't tell you that JUST yet. But the Most Excellent Strategic Plan is now nearly as solid as the Iraqi Constitution, thanks to the 4 hour strategic planning session your officers underwent the other day. Yes, rather than spending a lovely August Sunday in the park trying to resist spontaneous human combustion without the assistance of intravenous fluids, the Exec Board met with a professional organizational management consultant to come up with our very own roadmap. (Fear not, we didn't blow our fundraiser spoils on a training session for officers only -- Travis spent her afternoon with us earning only our heartfelt thanks and a hot "Turn Left" t-shirt.) It was a productive session all around, and our next executive meeting will turn much of our new high-level strategic vision into detailed timelines and milestones. Be sure to turn up at our next general meeting at Manuel's on September 7th to hear what we've come up with.

Oh, and to see pictures of my new puppy.
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posted by Aerodad at 8/22/2005 10:45:00 PM


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