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Monday, May 08, 2006

You can't make this up
Today's bloggerIs everyone hearing this? None of the Sunday shows covered this at all (in fact - sidebar - what the heck was a W impersonator doing as one of the major guests on Meet the Press? Is anyone paying attention?) but all of "our" media (Air America and the blogs) is covering this Porter Goss thing like white on rice.

No one is buying the official story that Negroponte just wanted to "shake things up." So what are they trying tho hide?

Start pulling the thread and this is some crazy crazy shit. Here are the ingredients: The Director of the CIA. Drunken poker parties. Hookers. A sidekick named "Dusty Foggo." Another sidekick named "Nine Fingers." (no kidding!!) A limo company whose CEO has a 62 page rap sheet. Said limo company served the whoring poker players and also happens to be a contractor with the Department of Homeland Security to the tune of $21 million. (Really? Really.) And all at the Watergate Hotel? Seriously - if they made the movie, no one would believe it as FICTION.

Allright - never mind that we are talking about potentially serious consequences to national security. Other than that terrifying prospect, this is good fun. It is so gratifying to watch these sanctimonious jerks self-destruct, but - BUT - can we capitalize on it in November? What do we need to do to turn this to our advantage? Is this so crazy that it won't even register with voters?

Meanwhile...tune in tomorrow folks... this is getting really good.
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posted by Emily at 5/08/2006 12:53:00 PM


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