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Monday, April 03, 2006

Retail as Strategy?
Today's bloggerRemember my four step plan? Prioritize, Network, Celebrate, Leapfrog. I haven't really expanded on any element except "Network," but it's "Network" that catches my attention again this week. Part of this concept is that we progressives are awfully shy when we're out in public about identifying ourselves. I have this idea that if we can identify ourselves publicly (not obnoxiously) we will accomplish many things. First is that we will appear more numerous - that's simple and useful. We know we're half the country (and most of Atlanta) but because we're often reluctant to claim our progressive identity in public, people don't know the place is teeming with us. Not only do THEY not know, but WE don't know! Which leads me to a second great benefit - we can find each other and trade information, support, smiles, whatever.

This is on my mind this week because of something that happened in Athens at the convention. Justi, Shelby, and I went out for a drink on Saturday and I told the bartender we wanted "something blue" because we were Democrats and were celebrating our statewide convention. Shelby had a reasonably common reaction, along the lines of "ooh, you shouldn't have said that - now he will spit in your drink..." Well, I guess that's the risk. More likely a really partisan Republican might have made a snide remark. But I am polite, friendly, and a good tipper - why shouldn't I identify myself as a Democrat?? As it turns out, our good barkeep was himself a Democrat - so distressed with the current state of affairs in the country that he is going into the Peace Corps next year to do his part for humanity and try to repair the American image overseas. Bless him. So we stayed and tipped well all night long. We felt good, he had his own worldview validated, and maybe we all will feel a little louder and a little prouder next time around.

So, folks - claim your beliefs!!! What can you do to balance the karma of the "W" sticker? Log on to Cafe Press NOW and get a coffee mug for your desk at work. Get a sticker for your car. Carry around a copy of Mother Jones or Take it Back. Better yet, get a fantastic Young Democrats of Atlanta t-shirt at the next business meeting day after tomorrow.

Here are three great items I like to proclaim your worldview:

Sorry Everybody Tank Top (very cute for spring)

I'm not sold on Hilary in 2008, but you gotta like this Slogan on Your Coffee Mug

or Plain and Simple

So, go forth and recruit! Market Brand D! Look twice - we Democrats are EVERYWHERE.
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posted by Emily at 4/03/2006 07:27:00 PM


Blogger Tim said...

not only did we tip, we invaded. There must have been about 30 YDs at that place by the time the night was rockin and we stayed, and drank, A LOT!

4/04/2006 01:40:00 AM  
Anonymous Erin said...

I didn't go to convention this weekend, but I did attend the (massive, and massively ignored by the media) Southeastern Protest in Atlanta, and I have to say... there are a lot, a LOT of people in this area who are open to new, left-wing leadership. I think one of the problems Democrats face is the public perception that we don't get anything done, are the same as the Republicans, or are embarassed to be Democrats in general. If the party's going to be changed, the change has to come from within, and that comes from attracting people with dynamic, ethical viewpoints and keeping them involved. So maybe free shots at meetings or a YDAtl car wash? Ladies?

4/04/2006 07:45:00 AM  

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