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Monday, January 23, 2006

Let's GO, People!
I am still soaking wet - SOAKING wet. Nearly an hour ago, I walked from my car in a parking lot by World of Coke on MLK two and a half blocks to the Legislative Office Building. If you know the geography down here, you know that I had to walk by the front of the Capitol. If you know what's going on down here today (I didn't) you will know that in so doing, I walked through HUNDREDS of Georgians standing in the pouring rain to make their voices heard to their state legislators and stage a march. Who are these stalwart souls? What has so stoked the fires of activism that these people would take the day off work, forego their own personal errands and agendas and gather by the gold dome? And did I mention the POURING RAIN? What brave Americans they are! How much we should admire their commitment and their perseverence! We can be glad they are standing up for what they believe in, right?? Guess what, people, they are the anti-choice rally. And I reiterate - they are here in the hundreds. THESE are the voices the legislators are hearing. THESE are the pictures that will be shown across Georgia on the news tonight. THESE are the citizens getting out to stand up for their agenda. I ask you, are you going to let THESE voices outnumber ours? They care about the life of unborn children - so much so that they did whatever it takes to get out here today. They didn't come out of caves - they left their lives on hold to get out here and be counted. Will you do the same? How much do you care about the vulnerable in our society? As much as they care about fetuses? What's it worth to you to stand up and add your voice to those calling for opportunity and security for the PEOPLE of Georgia, not just the corporations? For ALL Georgia's citizens, not just the rich and the lucky? Is it worth taking a day off of work? Is it worth a few minutes of your time to make a phone call once a week? Write a letter? People, do they care more than us?

The last I heard, we had TEN people on the Action Alert list. This, my friends, is not going to do the trick. Sign up here:

ALSO. Mark your calendars, request your time off, do whatever it takes, but make plans to join the Young Democrats of Georgia at the capitol to lobby the legislators. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 9:00 am. We will meet across the street from the Capitol in the main meeting room of Central Presbyterian Church. Please, honestly - these people took time off work - is it more important to them? Do they care more about the society they live in than we do? Do they believe in their values more passionately than we do? I think NOT! Let's show them, Young Dems! Let's show Georgia just how much we care!

This is so new, there is not a picture up yet, but in the meantime, get a sense of what I experienced, the "sea of anti-abortion supporters."

A SEA!! A SEA of anti-abortion supporters. Can we make a sea? Make a commitment to be there. And ask one friend. And ask them to ask one friend. Let's at least shoot for a LAKE!! Right now we're on track for a puddle, and Georgia deserves better than that. We can do it! It will be excellent.
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posted by Emily at 1/23/2006 01:35:00 PM


Anonymous -Nicolette said...

I have signed up on the list, and I have to say, I have not received any emails beyond the list confirm and auto-welcome. Is this because there have not been any emails sent out to the list since I registered (1-17-2006), or is it that the list isnt working correctly and its not registering any people. If emails have been sent out since 1-17, you may want to check to see if my email is on the list. The address I registered was nicolette.allen@gmail.com

1/24/2006 09:04:00 AM  
Blogger Shelby said...

Yeah, yeah...it's working. I see you on there. Nothing's gone out yet, although I am told by those under the Dome that it's largely b/c our issue areas haven't been dinged yet. Yes, it kind of makes me wonder, too, about the effectiveness of that move as our alert list lies dormant while SB84 snuck past, but we'll be talking about it tonight at the exec meeting.

1/24/2006 09:34:00 AM  

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